Te Ara Ki Matariki

– Pathways to the highest realm of excellence:

‘the knowing begats acknowledging, begats understanding, begats conversation, begats progress’ These are the fundamental principles of Matariki. Matariki promotes continuous learning, aspires one to pursue their chosen goal and in the process, commit to a life of exploration and excitement, forever seeking knowledge and reaping the gains from those experiences.
Matariki is signified by a ‘Mother’ star surrounded by eight other stars. This cluster of stars reappear in the night skies during June and July. During this phase in the lunar cycle Matariki prompts the people to carry out certain tasks within a period of days, weeks, months, e.g., growing crops, harvesting, fishing and so on. Matariki is also considered a taonga to the Māori people and they use this occasion to celebrate the past, reflect on the future, pass on information and sustain aspects of their culture and heritage. The enduring legacy of the Treaty of Waitangi/Te Tiriti o Waitangi in Article Two acknowledges the significance of treasures and in this partnership, agree to actively protect a people’s way of life.
The Treaty of Waitangi is accepted as being a binding and formal agreement that establishes obligations between the New Zealand government and the Māori people. At the same time the Treaty also ensures that the government will represent the interests of other cultures living in New Zealand. In essence this is a collective commitment by all parties to enter into an arrangement of participation, partnership and protection. It is important that the laws and rules of today consider and respect both Māori and non Māori ways of living. The Treaty paves the way for organizations like One Foundation to make significant pacts and contracts with its key partners and consequently the imposition is upon all parties to perform their duties in a reasonable manner and in good faith.
A Commitment
One Foundation adopts Matariki as a pathway to execute its primary functions and responsibilities and they will show their commitment by endorsing aspects of the articles within the Treaty. They will achieve this by engaging the appropriate tools in helpful and useful dialogue which will merge with the organisation’s own conceptual framework around the objectives and purpose of why One Foundation exists, combined with the reporting and measurement processes to point of delivery and where relationships are included in their policies and long-term goals.
A Philosophy
The two primary goals in philosophy are knowledge of truth and achieving or realising states of goodness. From a science perspective, philosophy has all other disciplines as its subject matter, e.g., philosophy of art, of education, of science, mathematics and so on. The Greek philosopher Plato quotes “philosophy is a process of constant questioning which in turn takes the form of dialogue.” The scientific community is global and diverse and specialises in facilitating different points of view, invigorated by problem solving and balanced biases. One Foundation embraces scientific thinking and healthy debate on philosophical ideas.
This conversation is about Matariki, and Pleiades which are the same thing. Greek philosophers describe Pleiades as being an open star cluster, a group of stars all born around the same time. Its other name is Seven Sisters. Pleiades means ‘doves’ in Greek and their association is with water.
The lives of man and beast are very much guided by the seasons, the elements of earth, sea and sky. In the framework of Te Ara ki Matariki, the designated stars represent the daily occurrences in our lives. Each star also emphasises the importance of accessing that window of opportunity. It is a chance to make a key decision that will produce a desired outcome.
One Foundation is guided by its own principles of fair management when it comes to applying resources to excellent causes. It’s thinking aligns with its philosophy of giving a helping hand to those that need it. There is participation between a principle source (namely One Foundation) and key players (the Publican and Grantee) in a dialogue that eventually results in an outcome. Article Two of The Treaty recognises the rights and privileges of One Foundation to acquire and distribute resources in a manner deemed to be of good intention, fairness and respect.


Is the star cluster that appears just after sunset and it plays a significant role in marking the Māori New Year.
Matariki also signals the appropriate times for food preparation and harvesting. This star provides a unique perspective of mankind’s relationship with all the stars and his connectedness with the universe. One Foundation’s philosophy fosters awareness and respect for differing conversations and the ability to see the good everywhere, in everything and everyone. This is the Mother star, but also the name of the entire cluster of stars which signifies the beginning of the Māori New Year. Within One Foundation, this star represents relationships. With stakeholders, iwi, government, DIA, publicans, grantees, the board, wider community, and staff. Fostering these relationships in accordance with the Treaty is one of One Foundations main priorities.


Active Protection understanding relationships between mankind and the environment, associated with the need to preserve, nurture, protect and watch over each other.


those who have passed on
Is associated with those who have passed on and it is during this time that Māori pay particular tribute to their deceased.

This star signals the beginning of the Māori New Year and appears in June/July. Whilst we may reflect, it is also a time to forge ahead and celebrate new beginnings.

One Foundation philosophy acknowledges past endeavours, but it also welcomes change by applying interesting initiatives and creating new pathways.

For Māori, this star signifies those that are no longer with us. When Matariki rises, Māori call out the names of those who have passed on since the last rising of the star cluster. For One Foundation, this star represents our acknowledgement of the past and the learnings that have happened along the way. It is imperative to acknowledge the history and past trends within the industry to better understand the current climate. In order to plan for the future we must also look to the past.


Kinship acknowledges the importance of sustainable and strong relationships.


Wishing Star
Ensures a prosperous season and it is time also to make strong and healthy choices as we aspire to achieve our wishes.
One Foundation’s philosophy is that results are based on the essential need to understand and nurture good intentions and garner caring responses. This is the wishing star, where we send our aspirations and goals for the year to come. Just as we must look backwards to learn and grow, future planning and opportunity seeking is critical. One Foundation is a future focussed organisation which prides itself on continuous innovation within the gaming industry in a sustainable way.


The Voice is the opportunity to listen with your eyes, see with your ears and act on your heart.


Means “winds of the sky” with the power to determine the nature of the winds.
The significance of this star is that it’s breath is harnessed by mankind and nature. Just like Waipuna-ā-rangi and water, Ururangi has the ability to change the wind at will. One Foundation’s underlying philosophy is one of caring and harmony. Often there is the need to be flexible in decision making but it is essential that ‘when the wind changes’ the vision remains steadfast and true. This star is the indicator for the winds and how they will affect the environment. For One Foundation this star symbolises the threats and risks that face the organisation in this ever changing industry. From law and policy changes, environmental impacts, pandemics, epidemics, international conflicts, economic disruptions, new technology and the increasing competition for discretionary dollars. A robust risk and threat mitigation plan is crucial in order to continue business. We manage all of this while maintaining our social license to operate gaming machines.


Caring an important concept of extending aroha, giving encouragement and acknowledgment and simply abiding by the principles of mutual respect.


Is associated with the weather and more specifically with water in its many guises.
When Waipuna-ā-rangi shines brightly, it bodes well for plenty rain the coming year. Water plays an incredibly important role in the life cycle of mankind and nature. The behaviour of water often reminds us that life can be turbulent and dangerous, or it can be safe and calm. One Foundation’s philosophy acknowledges that some pathways are difficult to navigate. But with clear goals and strong vision, healthy resolutions will bring about joy and peace. This star is the indicator for the rain in the year to come. For One Foundation this star symbolises sustainability as we need the rain to sustain all life forces on earth. One Foundation has a multi-faceted sustainability strategy which includes plans for: Environmental sustainability with steps to reduce their carbon footprint, and a movement towards being zero waste, Financial sustainability: ensuring publicans have as much support as they need to remain financially viable and Socially sustainable, ensuring their venues are operating in the most socially responsible way by introducing state of the art harm minimisation training for all venue staff.


Unity signals collective action, unity and a solidarity of purpose.


Is associated with all fresh water creatures and the food sources that are sustained by those waters.
Waitī’s twin is Waitā. They both work as a team, specifically caring for the smallest and fastest of creatures. One Foundation’s key principle is that team effort and group engagement effectively contributes towards an evolving vision. This star is the indicator for fresh water; the lakes and rivers and all of the food sources that grow and live there. For One Foundation this star represents Health and welfare. Just like fresh water is essential in sustaining all life, so is the health and welfare sector. The people and organisations who are often our unsung heroes, who are there when you need them most. One Foundation is proud to fund initiatives such as diabetes programmes, the Saint John ambulance, fire service, SPCA, budgeting advice services, surf rescue and many more.


Authority refers to the exercise of authority, leadership and ownership rights about resources.


Is associated with the ocean and the food sources within it.
Waitā’s twin is Waitī. Both stars revel in the powers of sustaining the life of all creatures on earth. One Foundation’s philosophy of introducing wonderful opportunities, can change attitudes and improve the wellbeing of a community. This star is the indicator for salt water and all of the food sources that live within it. Generations of people travelled across the vast ocean by waka, by boat, by plane to arrive here in Aotearoa, New Zealand. A country that although small in comparison to others, is a country famous for producing world class athletes who now travel far and wide across the sea to represent New Zealand. For One Foundation this star represents the various Sporting initiatives that are funded. From supporting athletes at the pinnacle of their craft to breaking down barriers for all kiwi’s young and old to have access to sports.


Options / Autonomy having the power to control our own destiny.


Is associated with everything that grows within the soil.
Winter is gradually approaching as the harvesting nears its end. This is a timely reminder that every has its time and place. One Foundation’s philosophy embraces worthy causes that follow a designed pathway in order to maximise healthy outcomes for the individual and the community. This is the star that indicates the food that grows from the ground. Creating strong rooted foundations that often start from a tiny seed, and with the right care and support can grow into a magnificent Tōtara tree. For One Foundation this star represents the various education intiatives that are funded. With the aim to give people the ability to reach their potential regardless of what educational aspirations they have.


Spirituality a holistic approach to spiritual wellbeing and a connectedness between the natural and spiritual worlds.


of the trees
Is associated with the time for the gathering of fruits, berries and birds.
Tupu-a-rangi great cacophony of chorus and melody, typifies the sounds and activities of life within the great forests and surrounding lands. Perhaps too, it is a spiritual reminder to us, that there is a soul within Papatūānuku. One Foundation’s philosophy fosters goodwill, respect and appreciation for humankind and the natural environment. This is the star that indicates everything that grows and lives in the trees such as fruit and birdlife. A true sign of a healthy forrest is the sound of melodious birds singing from the treetops. For One Foundation this star represents One Foundations support of the Arts, performing arts and cultural initiatives. New Zealanders are natural story tellers and creatives.


Integrity to believe, to trust. A powerful message commanding that integrity and transparency be upheld at all times.