He Takutaku Whakamutunga

Rukutia, rukutia,
Kia ū, kia mau,
Kai tae mai
A te Anu -mātao
Ki roto i a koe -e!
Kai ninihi atu ai
A Ua -whatu, a Ua-ngāngā,
Kai whakamai hoki
A Hau -nui, a Hau -roa,
A Tāwhiri-mātea.
Taku hiki i pai ai
Mo roto ia Tāne
E tū nei-i,
Ko Māhana,
Ko Pū-māhana
Ko Werawera
Ko Kohakoha,
Ngā tangata mo roto
I a Tāne e tū nei!
Whāno, whāno,
Haramai te toki,
haumi e!
hui e!
Taiki e!

Bind, bind together
that all may be firm, steadfast,
so that into thee,
O Tane, may enter not the
cold and stormy elements,
the Frost-wind, the Great Rain,
the Long Rain, the Cold Sleety Rain,
the Hailstones; that thou mayst
stand against the assault of the Mighty Wind,
the Long-prevailing Wind,
the tempests of the wind god Tawhiri-matea!
May all be warm and safe within thy walls!
These shall dwell therein-Warmth,
Heaped-up Warmth, and Glowing Heat,
Joy and Gladness, these are the people
who shall dwell within Tane
standing here before me! Now ’tis done!
Bring hither the axe, and bind it on.
Our work is o’er!
We will stand firm in our commitment to each other and remain steadfast in our purpose and goals. Like the four cornerstones of a house, the binding principles of ‘prepare, believe, commit and act’ are good starting blocks to achieving success.
We will protect each other in the face of adversity and testing times. With a strong sense of honour, duty and care, we will take appropriate measures to ensure that there are safe working spaces for all people.
We will inspire and encourage each other to take the lead in projects and in doing so, allow them to enjoy the experience, and bask in the warmth of success and acknowledgement.
When all is said and done,
Be glad and rejoice!
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