One Foundation recognises the importance of building authentic relationships with the regulators, our stakeholders, and the community. The focus is on the need to understand each other and to respond appropriately, operating responsibly and always aiming for the best outcomes for all.
New Zealand is home to almost 5 million people, famous for its national rugby team, indigenous Māori culture and picturesque landscape. One Foundation Ltd is proud to meet its social license to operate. With our contributions helping to improve the welfare of a community, and achieving excellent outcomes in the areas of education, sport, arts and health and welfare.
Integrating the Treaty of Waitangi/Te Tiriti o Waitangi and its founding principles into One Foundations modus operandi ensures that we not only adhere to our Treaty obligations but also that we remain relevant and authentic in our pursuit for equity within this ever-changing industry. The way in which these treaty obligations are met within the organisation has been contextualised through Te Ara ki Matariki and Te Pae o Matariki. Matariki, the cluster of stars that signify the Māori New Year are also known around the world by many different names; Pleiades, Subaru, Messier 45, Mao and Parvin to name a few. These stars are significant in many cultures connecting each one of us through the cosmos, interlacing all New Zealanders in our pursuit of excellence. The Greek philosopher Plato (428-348 BC) said “excellence is not a gift but a skill that takes practice” and “we achieve excellence by acting rightly.” These words of wisdom resonate with One Foundation’s commitment to be steadfast and resolute.
Possessing the mandate to allocate funding is a job we take seriously, as we know for many organisations and projects, without this funding they will not have the means to undertake the important and often essential work that our weekend/everyday heroes do to create better communities.
To conclude, in the great journey of life, happiness and wellbeing are the highest aim of moral thought and conduct. That is our vision, that is our mission.
Mr Malcolm Short
ONZM. Company Director – Rotorua

Malcolm Short ONZM

Te Ara Ki Matariki

Pathways to the highest realm of excellence