Executive Summary

This document will outline in detail One Foundation’s commitment to honouring the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi/Te Tiriti o Waitangi. This charitable organisation intends to abide by its mission statement to promote better understanding of the treaty and foster enduring relationships with its key stakeholders and the community.
In an endeavour to encourage better understanding of Te Tiriti, One Foundation’s philosophical vision is amplified from a Māori world viewpoint. Te Ara ki Matariki treads a pathway through the cosmos and carefully addresses various components of performance, accountability and development. The conversation is thought provoking, challenging and achievable.
TE ARA KI MATARIKI AND TE PAE ORA O MATARIKI One Foundation aligns its mission statement with the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi. It does this by implementing two models: (1) Te Ara ki Matariki which means to seek safe pathways to the highest realm of excellence, and (2)Te Pae Ora o Matariki, otherwise known as the Matariki health model.
TE ARA KI MATARIKI: This framework is based around the nine stars of Matariki, each one serves a specific purpose related to mankind; weather elements, food, land, sea, air and animal life. In the world of Māori pedagogy, all the stars are Gods with spiritual purpose and meaning. For One Foundation, each of the nine stars represents a fundamental priority of the organisation. With each star focussing on an important aspect of the business whilst still being interconnected to each other. The celestial family of stars act as our guiding stars in our constant pursuit of excellence. A more in-depth breakdown of this follows in this document.
TE PAE ORA O MATARIKI: Te Pae Ora o Matariki or ‘Healthy Futures” promotes the wellbeing aspects of people, culture, and the environment. It was created to not only align with ‘Te Korowai Oranga’ a framework created by the Ministry of Health but also supports the framework of Te Ara ki Matariki and is based on a star with nine key points of wellness.
One Foundation is committed to the integration of the principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi throughout its Strategic plan in a meaningful and genuine way.
Mr Kerry Bird
Chief Executive Officer
Bcom, CA, MBA

Te Ara Ki Matariki

Pathways to the highest realm of excellence