Te Ara Ki Matariki

Pathways to the highest realm of excellence

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Tuia i runga, tuia i raro
Tuia te Herenga tangata
I a Nukuarangi
Kia Puanga Kai Rau,
Kia Matariki Ahunga Nui
Tō mata tini me pā ki roto
Tō mata tini me pā ki waho
Kia horahia te kura,
He kura nui, he kura roa
He kura takatū
Mai i a Rongotaketake
Ka rongo te pō
Ka rongo te ao
Ka rongo i te ahi kā roa
I tūārangi te whakaeke nei
Kia whakaeke te haukai kia tina
Kia whakaeke te haukai kia toka
Kia whakaeke te haukai kia uru ora
Whiti, whano
Tau mai te mauri
Haumi e! Hui e! Taiki e!

Woven from above, woven from below
Enterlacing our fundamental virtues to be in balance
With the celestial and human realms To Puanga and Matariki,
Bringing forth aspirations of kindness and generosity
May your divine countenance be inbued inherently,
manifest itself throughout the community
So that goodwill is declared,
May it be strong and enduring
An eduring gift
Established on the pillars of peace
Resounding through times of hardship
And times of abundance
Resounding are the fires of ancestral connection,
From times immemorial that ascend forth
May the gifts shared from one to another be upheld
May these gifts be affirmed
May these gifts sustain life and vitality, may it be enduring
Proceed forth with hope,
Bringing balance to our lives
Bringing people together as one!
We acknowledge that the pathways to higher learning are often fraught with challenges, but that should not deter one in the least; believe in oneself, and know that it can be done, by simply acquiring the capacity to do it
We believe in doing the right thing because healthy outcomes raises awareness, presents options and enhances strong sustainable relationships
We practise a philosophy of honesty, integrity and collective attitude to achieve what we really want to do in this ever-changing world; dreams are free and opportunities are endless!
‘The World is our oyster’


Ka mahuta ā Matariki i te pae, ka mahuta o tātau tūmanako ki te tau

When Matariki rises above the horizon, our aspirations rise to the years ahead
Dreaming is the beauty of the human mind. One Foundation will pursue their endeavors, believe in themselves, test their limitations and have the strength of will to succeed.


One Foundation will act in the best interest of stakeholders to maximise returns to our communities and our venues.